Reviews for "Northern Drive” 

“The songs are complete and well arranged with lots of layers. Clare has an impressive classic country voice and the album features some great harmonies. Overall, the musicianship and production on the CD are very professional. The concept is fun and happy. You'll also hear some great changes and an overall uniqueness... If you want to check out a fun, cross-genre CD, with elements of country, adult contemporary, and rock, give this CD a listen."  --xavier p., RadioIndy 

NORTHERN DRIVE wins a “Grindie Award” from RadioIndy 

“RadioIndy is proud to present Clare Cooper a GrIndie Award for their CD Northern Drive." A GrIndie Award is RadioIndy's stamp of approval that this CD is an excellent quality CD. Please join us in congratulating this artist on this accomplishment.” 

Reviews for “Valentine” 

"Wonderful songs with strong melodies...They are fresh and full of passion and conviction."--George David Weiss, President, Songwriter's Guild of America 

“Extremely heartfelt and real, as if in communication with close friends..."--Good Times 

“Likeable, warm and engaging...with intelligent and fresh lyrics…"---Claudia Koal, Director, Songwriter's Guild of America 

“Here's one of those rare, good albums we all hope to hear: sincere, polished, entertaining, and most enjoyable. There is a fine sampling of musical styles and flavors, the lyrics are sharp, the performances top-rate, so do give it a try!"...---Wendy Carlos 

“The disc came without the usual fanfare - no record company hype - straight from the artist herself. Just judging by one listen to "Heaven," "You Kill Me," and "Human" it's clear that Cooper's got the potential to make it in the big leagues. Her solid pop sensibility, a warm and inviting vocal style, and way with words should definitely land her a deal. Why she hasn't been picked up by a label yet is a mystery to me.”---AQUARIAN WEEKLY

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